NOWOtex – Nonwovens for Filtration Applications

As a specialist in nonwoven materials, NOWOtex produces first-class nonwovens for filter applications. These are used, for example, in air filtration as a filter layer in protective respirator masks. FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks in accordance with EN 149, as well as medical face masks, are classic areas of application for meltblown filter media. Meltblown filter media are also used as particulate air filters in other high-efficiency filters, such as HVAC systems.

NOWOtex produces high-quality staple fibre nonwovens and meltblown materials at its own production plants in Germany. This allows for the synergies of both nonwovens technologies to be tapped. In concrete terms this means: the very highest quality and flexibility in customer-specific products and requirements.


NOWOmelt is the fourth product range by NOWOtex. It includes meltblown nonwovens that are used, among other things, in filtration media.

Meltblown materials consist of fine synthetic fibres that are predestined for the effective filtration of particles.

As a manufacturer of meltblown products, NOWOtex supports its customers in the selection of the appropriate NOWOmelt nonwovens.

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