NOWOtex – Meltblown Nonwovens Made in Germany

Using the meltblown process, NOWOtex produces ultra-fine nonwovens that are used for a range of applications, either alone or in combination with other nonwovens.

The base material used for the fibres are polymer granules. In order to produce a polymer melt, the polymer granules are melted in an extruder and then fed through a spinneret. Additives may thereby be added to influence the properties and functions. As soon as the melt emerges from the spinneret, hot air is blown onto it. The fibre stretching occurs using high-velocity air streams and very fine fibre diameters are created. When the fibres emerge from the air duct, the hot air stream mixes with the ambient air, cooling the fibres down. Finally, the fibres are randomly collected on a screen belt with or without the base material.

The areas of application for meltblown materials are wide-ranging, be it in filtration, automotive, industry or trade. NOWOtex manufactures the product according to wishes of its customers and is flexible in its response to industry-specific requirements.